Charlie Sheen 2011

    Clearly, Charlie Sheen is clearly all fucked up. He seemed ready to roll with that, but I doubt his resolve will last. At this rate, actually, he may not outlive his resolve to remain all fucked up. Charlie will die, and his resolve will be left out in the world, all dressed up with no place to go (and a pound of coke and a whore in its pockets). Some people don't like Charlie because he's openly fond of whores and cocaine and addiction, but I think his devotion shows a good deal of integrity.

    Here's Charlie young and (kind of) hot:

    I was gonna post a picture of Charlie in a Rambo get-up, but that doesn't really do him any justice. I wonder if Charlie's dad had a propensity for whores. My dad's best friend also prefers whores to regular ladies. Is this a reflection on the man, his mother, whores, or all of them confirmed? I guess if I was fond of cocaine I'd probably be fond of whores, too. Not that I'm not fond of them now; I just don't give them much thought unless I happen to see one, but I'm excited when I do: "Ooh look! A whore! Hi whore!" I usually make sure they don't hear me when I say that. If I can't avoid their eavesdropping, I change it to: "Oooh look! A pretty lady! Hi pretty lady!". If I'm walking by them, I don't say anything. I don't want to go to jail. (I just saw Lenny Kravitz in a Jeep commercial; clearly the world's coming to an end)

    Here's Charlie in a picture from last year, I think prior to his complete fucking meltdown. Was it just bad cocaine that put him over the edge? I think he needs a brain scan; I bet they'll find some lesions and stuff. He looks old and fairly unhealthy, but you know, okay:
    Not really hot, but I guess if I was a whore I'd whore it up for the old guy. Then I'd look in the mirror and say "Hi pretty lady!" while I put my tube top and mini-skirt back on.

    And here he is this year. All-time best picture of Cocaine-crazy Charlie:

    Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen (2011)

    Umm, his hair still looks good, right? I think he's lost a little too much weight. And he might have scurvy.

    Godspeed, Charlie Sheen. I'll look for your resolve and have a whore-coke party with it when you're dead.
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