Saegusa Heart

    A man who apparently had a crush on Akira which also gave him a silver ring as a gift. He was a classmate Akira and Student Council member, and for now the only member after the attack on Kaichou. He was at first afraid of vampires, but grew to accept them after spending time with Mina. Through this he appears to have friendship with Mina, and even invited him to spend the night at his home. Apparently he's also jealous that most of the attention is focused towards Mina Akira. Yuki is also an amateur novelist, and has quite a large following in the Bund. Suggested he write yaoi with the protagonist by Akira.

    Honestly, I feel sempet ngebunuh want this girl. * geplaked *. why? because he is like the relationship ngeganggu Akira-Mina. But, as time passes * * finally cielah old same old I like him, (PS: my guns Yuri lhoo .. xDD)

    he's especially fitting bantuin Mina cooking lesson ^. ^ hoho; 3

    Also known as the "Chairman" (会长, Kaichō?), He initially hard, no student who does not make sense to the idea of ​​a vampire man attending school, seeing them all as evil. However, after staying at school late at night she was attacked by vampires, and consequently became one of them. Although the original master was defeated, Nanami immediately "overwritten" by another vampire and thus increasingly forced to serve the enemy Mina. He harbors a lust for his neighbor next door Yuzuru and tried to bite before remembering herself and escape. Nanami finally replaced again, this time by Mina, and be able to get some semblance of life back. Yuzuru He changed into a vampire at his request. This suggests that Nanimi lust after Yuzuru though he was a child, who then why Nanami is a shotacon labeled. After changing into a vampire on the side of Mina, Nanami continue to go to school as Student Council President, but now also serves as a waitress to Mina Tepes.
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